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Google Code-in 2011 KDE

Convert English custom voice navigation speaker files for use in Marble

completed by: kharvd

mentors: Earthwings, Torsten Rahn

Marble has a route guidance mode that can make use of speakers (pre-recorded sound files) to indicate directions. There are some existing ones to download at and instructions to install them at and also instructions how to record a custom voice at

During Desktop Summit 2011 we've recorded the voice of a female native American English speaker which is available here:

All turn-by-turn instructions were spoken three times in a row.

Your task is to split the file into separate instructions. Choose the best version between each of the three attempts. The aim is to create a high quality voice set.

Also try to adjust the volume so that it matches the volume level of the other recordings on the speaker page.
Expected results: A full set of high-quality voice recordings ready for usage in Marble for a specific language.
rerequisites: An installation of Marble 1.2 (KDE 4.7). Can be compiled from source code as well. An installation of Marble on the N900 would be nice, but is not absolutely necessary.