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Google Code-in 2011 KDE

Clean-up of the Amarok wishlist

completed by: Resoow

mentors: Myriam Schweingruber

The current Amarok wishlist contains some entries that have already been implemented. The tasks consists in checking which entries can be closed. Please also notify if you spot a duplicate entry.
The task only applies to wished for Amarok on Linux and BSD, not to OS X nor Windows.
Link to the wishlist:
Expected results: Work on 50 wishes and check if those need to be closed. Please provide a list of the wishes checked, comment on implemented wishes.
Prerequisites: Ability to test software on Linux
Resources: Have the latest Amarok 2.5 on Linux with KDE 4.6.x at least. If your distribution does only provide the Amarok 2.5 beta 1 at the time of the task it should be sufficient as well, as we are in feature freeze since quite some time.
You will also need an account on so you can comment on the wishes to be closed.
If you claim the task, please talk to Mamarok in #amarok on My timezone is UTC+1