GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2011 openSUSE Project

Support for GET prefilled openSUSE Paste

completed by: Daniel Klischies

mentors: Michal Hrusecky

openSUSE Paste ( provides customized pastebin for openSUSE. For some use-cases, it might be useful to provide link with some of the item on the create page prefilled. If these default values can be provided using GET, it could make it easier to integrate openSUSE Paste into various application/web pages. Example would be providing url with shorter ttl for IRC, longer for mailing lists and forums. Or setting specific title for bugreport posts. Or creating a web page that will pregenerate funny nick names. Only support for defaults in the create form using GET is required, no other applications.

openSUSE Paste is written using PHP and CodeIgniter.

Source code can be found on

Code needs to be developed and tested locally, then merge request or patch has to be sent.