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Moodle is working to develop the very best tool for online learning. Our software is a Learning Management System written in PHP, designed to help teachers facilitate communities of learners in a variety of interesting ways.

Moodle is widely used around the world by universities, schools, companies, and all manner of organizations and individuals who need to conduct education online. Many of our users take part in the community on and contribute with ideas, debate, testing, education, documentation, bug fixing, feature writing and everything else that makes an open source project function.


  • Blog-style course format I want to work on the blog-style course format as described in the project ideas wiki page. Not every teacher plans out a course ahead of time. Some K-12 teachers only prepare a class a few days in advance. It is important for Moodle to be able to handle various styles of teaching. This project would also allow for year-long courses that don't have a specific end date.
  • Improve Moodle User Experience Consistency Review Moodle's overall user interface, to keep Moodle's User Experience (and User Interfaces) consistent. As an intermediary step, create a lightweight Human Interface Guidelines style documentation for Moodle. After having gathered the principle interaction styles and elements, discuss them with the community and fix the most obvious inconsistencies found.
  • Moodle Gears: An integration of offline activities in a Course Management System My project is based on the idea of a Google Gears Integration to Moodle (see forum This mode will allow people with limited Internet connection to browse activities and other resources in Moodle, take notes and store them locally, save assignments and then upload/synchronize when the user is online. Moreover, the plan is to create a working base/architecture and then make it easier to add any kind of activity to the Gears module.
  • Record audio repository plugin An audio recording feature will offer Moodle users the ability to easily record and upload audio content, without requiring additional software tools or computer skills.
  • What You Paint Is What You Get This project will be an extension to Moodle and TinyMCE which will allow users to seamlessly edit any image inside their HTML documents. The implementation will make use of the new HTML 5 Canvas API in order to ensure the long-term technical viability of the project.