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Code for America

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Code for America connects talent from the web industry with city governments for a year of public service, leveraging the power of the web to bring innovation and openness to the public sector. Inspired by Teach for America, Code for America recruits the brightest developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and researchers to devote a year to building web-based applications designed to solve core civic problems in America’s cities and make local government more transparent, efficient, and participatory.

Through our fellowships, Code for America supports and develops the next generation of civic leaders who can realize transformational change in government, and nurtures a community of civic-minded open source software programmers. Cities get access to cutting-edge technology and fresh approaches to problem solving, helping them cut costs, work more effectively, and connect with their citizens in the face of challenges brought on by the budget crisis. And, all software and other work produced by Code for America fellows is shareable and freely available online for anyone to use or modify.

Our projects don’t just improve government in our partner cities, but can be adapted to bring innovation to any city that chooses to deploy them. Fundamentally, it’s all about helping American cities use web technology to do a better job of providing services to citizens, while supporting the growth of the next generation of tech-savvy civic leaders.


  • Brigade Deployment Wizard Extend Code for America's Brigade platform to include a step-by-step process and one-click solution for deploying apps.
  • Code for America: Brigade 2012 GSoC Proposal Code for America Brigade should be the one stop shop to organize civic hackers and allow them to instantly deploy applications. It should also engage volunteers with a convenient way to find out what needs to be done and how they can help.
  • Government Gems and Eggs My name is Samuel Painter. I am a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I would love to work this summer updating APIs within Code for America's Civic APIs project, as well as creating new wrappers upon those APIs. The goal is to improve access to information for developers made available by governments.
  • Implementation of Open311's GeoReport v2 Server for the City of Macon, GA. This project will explore the City of Macon's 311 system and its fitness for Open311 GeoReport v2 implementation. When the system has been explored and its data categorized for further use, the project will then implement the GeoReport v2 Server for the city. This Server will provide an API for other applications to be implemented for the city, such as Open311 Dashboard, that will bring the city and its citizens together in new and innovative ways. <p> UPDATE: Project has been redirected. Please see below. </p>