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Google Summer of Code 2012

Freeseer recording and streaming suite

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The Freeseer project is a powerful software suite for capturing video. It enables you to capture great presentations, demos, training material, and other videos. It handles desktop screen-casting with ease. It is one of a few such tools that can also record vga output. It is particularly good at handling large conferences with hundreds of talks. Freeseer can run on a laptop with commodity hardware such as a web cam, camcorder, or vga capture device. The resulting system fits easily into a laptop and can be assembled in under 10 minutes to record any number of presentations/demos/talks.


  • CLI Part 2 - Migration to Experimental &Video Uploader Continued This proposal can be split in two parts. The first one is to make the Freeseer Command Line Interface (CLI) compatible with the new backend and running in the experimental branch (the branch that contains the most recent code changes). The second part of it is to finalize the video uploader tool and make it operational also in the experimental branch.
  • Remote Control This project implements Fresseer Controller which will be used to control one or multiple Freeser Instances using network.