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Komodo is a social enterprise that develops open and inclusive technologies that facilitate the daily lives of people with disabilities and also benefit everybody else.


  • Applying for the IRdroid and InputAccessLib project This PDF document describes the project which is going to be implemented during the forthcoming Google Summer of Code 2012. The project’s goal is to complete the InputAccessLib library, which will allow ease of access to dialog views and pop-ups, thus facilitating the integration of 3rd-party applications with Tecla. The library will also be used to ensure full compatibility with the IRdroid application.
  • Making Irdroid fully switch accessible and using morse code as an input technique The proposal is aimed at majorly 2 things. Firstly, making Irdroid and Google Remote TV(bonus project) tecla accessible. Secondly, incorporating the ideas of Google Tap in order to take Morse code as an input technique. If the remaining time permits, I intend to extend the functionality of Tecla Access by making it able to control desktop computers.
  • Switch between multiple Bluetooth paired devices and Use Tecla to send mouse clicks and/or keystrokes to a desktop computer This project aims to allow the user to easily switch between controlling multiple paired Bluetooth devices with the Tecla Shield , and provide a client application and UI to allow the Shield to be used with Accessibility software on PC / Mac across multiple OSes
  • Tecla as an input device for desktops. Tecla Shield allows users to generate switch events which are transmitted using bluetooth. This events can be translated into the receiving device’s events.The main idea of this project is to make a desktop client that will receive the switch events from the Tecla Shield via bluetooth or an android device acting as a mediator in between the Shield and the desktop.Currently switch users rely on expensive dedicated equipment to access the computers.This project will provide a low cost alternative for the same. The project will mainly contain a cross-platform desktop client mostly written in java with a UI for customizing desktop events and switching events used to trigger them.It will also contain changes to the existing android application or a new application altogether that will relay switch events to the desktop and additionally the events from android itself. Alternatively the android application would be able to send dictated text from voice actions to the desktop computer as a simpler way to create documents for the switch users.
  • The Tecla Shield Meets Gaming Consoles (PS3) The goal for my project is to successfully develop a method for the Tecla Shield to communicate with game consoles (Play Station 3 in this particular project), so as to be able to properly navigate the UI of each console. It will involve the emulation of a controller that is connected to the console.