GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Summer of Code 2012 OpenIntents

A Design and Implementation of Web Intent Agent on Android

by Cheng Zheng for OpenIntents

Web Intents is an upcoming framework for web-based inter-application communication and service discovery. This project explores possible ways of integrating Web Intents with Android intent system. To my knowledge, there are only two ways of using Web Intents: 1. Some versions of Google Chrome and Chromium 18 have native support to Web Intents. 2. By using the JavaScript shim provided by Firefox also has some experimental experiences in this field as described in web-activities-app-discovery. But I found that it seems very difficult to work on these in Andriod by myself. The reasons are: a. currently only ICS i.e. Android 4.x has brought in support to Chrome while all other versions seems not working if I continue my work on Chrome; b. Chrome extension for Web Intents is developed in C which is out of my reach. So after some considerations I decided to develop a new Android app named WIAgent which is a very simple browser now designed specific to Web Intents. Thus I can do my exploratory work on this app and have more control over it. In addition, this app is not restricted by ICS.