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Scilab is free open source software for numerical computation providing a powerful computing environment for engineering and scientific applications.


  • Accurate Probability Distribution Function Scilab is free open source software for numerical computation providing a powerful computing environment for engineering and scientific applications. The current list of distribution functions implemented is very small as compared to that of Matlab. My proposal is to add more Matlab-like pdf's,cdf's,invert cdf's and Rng's. The addition of above Matlab-like features would add more functionalities to the distribution functions toolbox of Scilab.
  • Aerospace Blockset for Xcos overview. Goal of this project will be do provide aerospace blockset for Xcos. My contribution would focus on allowing users to easily model behavior of spacecrafts: their trajectories, maneuvers and attitude dynamics. To provide a comprehensive and structured set of blocks, block set should contain few essential libraries: - Guidance, Navigation and Control library - Equation of motion library - Environment conditions library - Utilities library
  • Design of experiments Toolbox in Scilab This proposal suggests the implementation of a toolbox that integrates a set of Design of experiments techniques (DoE) in Scilab, a free open source software used for numerical computation in engineering and scientific applications. This toolbox will contain various functions to produce combinations of variables that affect the operating conditions of a system.
  • Easy and Interactive Plot Make an Interactive graphics for scilab, where users can edit by simple click and retrieve data from point, curve, surface. modify the position of an entity by click and drag etc.
  • Introduce a REST client in Scilab The aim of this project is to introduce a REST Client in Scilab which will be capable of communicating with a REST server for executing scilab operations.
  • Reverse Interactive Graphics Reading Imagine how nice it would be if the Scilab users could explore the graphics data of an interactive way, ie, and edition interface wich enables viewing and even modify data only clicking over a curve. This is the main aim of the project: to facilitate the obtaining of such data in an effective way for 2D and 3D graphics.
  • Scilab Dynamic Image Process The main objective is the improvement of the interaction image-data to make the user feel free to edit both data and image and have the results back interactively with flexibility and quickness. The aim is to make the graphics not as a static thing, but something more dynamic to provide ease of editing and retrieving of data.
  • Scilab for Android Porting Scilab to Android so it is available for Android devices.
  • Signal Processing Blockset Develop algorithms and tools for the design and simulation of DSP systems. These tools allow users to develop their own DSP algorithms for speech processing, radar tracking, baseband communications, etc. The blockset should provide capabilities for FFTs, digital filtering, spectral estimation, linear algebra computations, streaming, and multirate processing. The ability to visualize and simulate results with signal generators, interactive scopes, spectrum analyzers, is very interesting for users.
  • SIP(Scilab Image Processing Toolbox) + Scilab First, to add functionality to the Google FLOSS project Leptonica and interface most of this C library with Scilab. Second, to thoroughly document this library. Google projects that will most benefit from this effort include Google Book search and Google Image Search.