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Google Summer of Code 2013 JBoss Community

JBoss AS Quickstarts: Hibernate

by Tharindu Jayasuriya for JBoss Community

I’m a master’s student in the University Of Colombo School Of Computing in Sri Lanka. I have around 5 years of experience with J2SE, J2EE enterprise software application development. I know how to use hibernate with JBoss and I think I can write a good Quick Start based on my experience as a JAVA developer. When I was using JBoss Cache the quick start guides provided me the help and guidance whenever I needed. So if given the opportunity I would like to implement the Quickstart for Hibernate on JBoss Application Server, so I can provide something back to the community. It has been Six years since I contributed to an open source project in a major way. So I would really like to grab this opportunity and I wish to be part of the JBoss Community for the years to come becoming an active member of the community.