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Google Code-in 2010 DragonFly BSD

doc: Update Chapter 13 of the old handbook

completed by: TheOne

mentors: Samuel J. Greear, Justin Sherrill

On the DragonFly website there are 2 versions of the handbook, an old and new version. Content in the old version is not necessarily out of date, it just has not been verified as being up-to-date, which is necessary for it to be added to the new handbook. These handbooks are located at: and -- respectively.


This task entails reviewing the entire handbook chapter in question and verifying that all information contained in that chapter is correct. If it is incorrect it must be updated and made correct. If it recommends a method or practice that is outdated, that section should be removed and descriptions of modern methods and practices should be added in their place. If a particular portion of the chapter cannot be tested by the student, they should make a note of this in the updated version of the document and link from new document to the old document in that particular spot, pointing out the possible solution or method in the old handbook. If a student will not be able to test and verify the vast majority of the content within the given chapter, they -SHOULD NOT- attempt this task.


The student working on this task may create a personal account for themselves on the wiki (see the Edit Page link on the top of any page of the DragonFly website) and once they believe they are done they may post the chapter within the new handbook. This will allow for the formatting of the section in place to make sure it looks as good as possible and uniform with the other handbook sections. The student may then make any corrections and follow-up edits in-place as requested by the mentor.