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Google Code-in 2010 KDE

Romanian GUI Translation for KStars

completed by: kuchiki14

mentors: Victor Carbune

KStars is a desktop planetarium for KDE.

According to KDE Localization Stats for KDE Edu approximately 26% of the KStars interface is not translated and another 10% is marked as needing review. The goal of this task is to go through all the strings marked as untranslated and provide a translation for them. Also, if you see improvements on the ones marked needs review, improve them.


There are several basic steps which you have to follow in order to succesfully complete very fast this task (no technical skills are required):

  • Subscribe to the and read the general information (in romanian) from
  • Install Lokalize, following the instructions from here
  • Download the kstars.po file, open it with Lokalize
  • Claim the task and write an email to to inform everyone that you are working on it

Send us by email the saved translated file and make sure you don't forget to add your name as contributor :-).

If you get stuck on any of the above steps, ask for help by email ( or on the public channel #kde-i18n.