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Google Code-in 2010 Plone Foundation

Create a screencast to show the main functionality of the new Plone commenting system (

completed by: kwinn29

mentors: Timo Stollenwerk

Task description

Create a screencast that explains and shows how to:

  • Enable commenting on a content object (e.g. a page) or a content type (e.g. on a 'News Item')
  • Post a comment on a page
  • Reply to an existing comment
  • Show how to use an add-on product (captcha, recaptcha, akismet, etc.) to prevent spam
  • OPTIONAL: Show how to enable and use moderated comments


A screencast file that can be uploaded to or a similar screencast site.


Ability to setup a Plone instance and install an add-on product.

Ability to create a screencast with a screencast application.


You will learn how the new Plone commenting system works and help others understanding the new system.