GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2010 RTEMS Project

Identify Timeline Visualization Tool #1

completed by: Natan Yellin

mentors: Joel Sherrill

RTEMS systems have the option to capture timestamped data about what is happening in the system. But reading long files with timestamped messages is not a good way to get insight into the run-time behaviour of a system. Find us a free, open source timeline visualization tool which can be taught to read the RTEMS captured information.  Some requirements:


+ minimal source modifications to tool.  Hopefully the tool can be taught a new format with a configuration file.

+ dynamically updates as input arrives and is flexible on input sources (e.g. files, sockets, etc).


If you research a tool and find out it isn't suitable, that is important also.  Just clearly explain where this tool is good and where it is inappropriate.  It is possible that the tool authors could address the weakness in future versions if we work with them.


The result of this is a white paper which can be a wiki page.