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Google Code-in 2010 RTEMS Project

Create RTEMS Project Flyer for NASA SDO

completed by: apd2004

mentors: Aanjhan Ranganathan

The RTEMS Project has a number of flyers on various projects which have used RTEMS. Each of these flyers is based upon a Wiki page about that project with the same text and pictures. This task consists of preparing a wiki page on an RTEMS application which consists of approximately one page of text, 2 or more nice pictures or figures about the project, and a few URLs of reference for more details. The information on the flyers is based on this and is presented in a very uniform manner. Most of the information you need should be available from public sources on the Internet. When you take a "flyer" task, you may be given an email address of a contact for that project to obtain information from. The wiki page you create for the NASA Solar Dynamic Observatory (SDO) Mission.