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Write Ryzom Unit Tests (server_share)

completed by: Joey

mentors: Matt Raykowski

There are four primary libraries in the Ryzom portion of the Ryzom Core platform. This task will be to test the methods of at least 6 classes in this module. The new unit test should be located at: code/ryzom/tools/tests/server_share_test and should be built using CppTest. For examples see code/nel/tools/nel_unit_test. The completed test should be attached to a new issue on our site ( and verification that the test ran will be done by reviewing our CI dashboard ( To verify that your test runs successfully enable WITH_NEL_TESTS and BUILD_DASHBOARD in CMake and build the Experimental target (e.g. execute 'make Experimental'.)

For more information on getting started see:

Building on Windows:

Building on Linux:

Language: C++, CMake (build environment)
IRC: #ryzom on
For further questions contact Matt Raykowski (sfb on FreeNode IRC)