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Implement 'make_sheet_id' as an Object Viewer plugin

completed by: Valery Kharitonov

mentors: Matt Raykowski

The Object Viewer Qt tool (code/nel/tools/3d/object_viewer_qt) has a plugin system. This task is to use that plugin system to add the following functionality:

  • A 'Tool' menu that executes the code equivalent of make_sheet_id (code/nel/tools/misc/make_sheet_id)
    • Instead of executing the command line tool the same logic should be applied but using variables, see below.
    • For the time being the "-e" argument can be ignored.
    • The "-k" functionality should be togglable via checkbox.
  • A configuration panel (preferably part of the primary configuration) that allows you to change the following variables:
    • SheetPaths (array of strings)
    • SheetOutputFile (string)
    • ExtensionsAllowed (array of strings)
  • Config file should be plugin specific (e.g. ovqt_sheet_builder.cfg) and thus loaded by the plugin.

The new plugin should be located in either:

  • code/nel/tools/misc/ovqt_sheet_builder (preference)
  • code/nel/tools/3d/object_viewer_qt/src/plugins/ovqt_sheet_builder (easiest)

An example plugin exists in code/nel/tools/3d/object_viewer_qt/src/plugins/example/

Very basic knowledge of CMake is requried but can be helped with easily.

For more information on getting started see:

Building on Windows:

Building on Linux:

Language: C++, CMake (build environment)
IRC: #ryzom on
For further questions contact Matt Raykowski (sfb on FreeNode IRC)