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Google Code-in 2011 FreeBSD

Merge notes on Linuxisms from a wiki page to the FreeBSD porters handbook

completed by: issyl0

mentors: Eygene Ryabinkin, Eitan Adler

Description of task

The FreeBSD ports collection consists of a variety of ported software that oftentimes was not originally written for FreeBSD. As such, porters who want to make this software available for FreeBSD users, need to make special arrangements in order to run the software from other Unix-like operating systems such as GNU/Linux. Instructions and helpful advice on how to do that is available on the following wiki page:

The contents of said wiki page needs to be converted into a separate section of the FreeBSD porters handbook so that porters can find this information easily. When adding these instructions (and possibly examples) to the porters handbook, the source code needs to be correctly formatted and must conform to our documentation source code style guidelines.

Task requires:

A FreeBSD system (in a VirtualBox Virtual Machine) installed on your computer. 
Knowledge of the documentation guidelines for the FreeBSD project:
Check out a copy of the documentation tree from the documentation repository to get the source code for the chapter