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Google Code-in 2011 FreeBSD

Describe how to use Synaptics touchpad in the X11 configuration section of the FreeBSD handbook

completed by: Rushil Paul

mentors: Eygene Ryabinkin, Eitan Adler

Description of task

To use the Synaptics touchpad, users need to configure it. These steps are listed in a wiki page, but not yet in the FreeBSD handbook: To make this part of the official FreeBSD documentation, it needs to be added to the FreeBSD handbook chapter on X11 and it's configuration: The goal is to put the contents of the wiki into the handbook with some descriptive text and the neccessary steps/options the user has to set in order to use the touchpad. The content added to the handbook needs to conform to our official FreeBSD documentation markup and style.

Task Requirements

Students are encouraged to use a FreeBSD system like our VirtualBox image to test the procedure, but can also use the information available online.

Please read before accepting this task, as it contains further details on what this task consists of, as well as providing useful information on how to obtain the page source and how to proceed with the task.