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Google Code-in 2011 FreeBSD

Update the developer tools section of the FreeBSD developers handbook with a list of tools on a wiki page

completed by: Zacharias Mitzelos

mentors: Gavin Atkinson

Description of task

The FreeBSD developers handbook has a chapter explaining various tools that come in handy when developing software for FreeBSD: Another list of useful tools was created on the following wiki page: We want to have the developers handbook updated with the tools listed on that wiki page so that developers find all the tools in one place (the handbook, not the wiki). When adding these tools to the developers handbook, the source code for the chapter needs to be correctly formatted and must conform to our documentation source code style guidelines.

Task Requirements

Students are encouraged to use a FreeBSD system like our VirtualBox image to test the procedure, but can also use the information available online.

Please read before accepting this task, as it contains further details on what this task consists of, as well as providing useful information on how to obtain the page source and how to proceed with the task.