GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2011 FreeBSD

FreeBSD poster template for "Google Code-In" and "Summer of Code" events #4

completed by: mpaloski

mentors: Wojciech A. Koszek, Jakub Klama

Description of a task

The purpose of this task is to advertise Google Open Source programs among young people and college students.

Participant will create a template of a poster for advertising FreeBSD in the context of Google Code-In and Google Summer of Code programmes. The poster must be ready to be sticked to the university's front door. It must be something very easy to read and simple (simple as in 'Artistic minimalism' not as 'Do this task as quickly as possible').

The poster must be something you would like to see on your own school's wall with advertisements.

Technical proposal

You must create a layout (preferably white, since it always plays nicely with other colors) which will be able to accomodate two logos: GCIN/GSoC logo and FreeBSD logo.

Sample logos

Logo must be easily replacable. Think of your template to be used over next 5 years. We must be able to take the template, be able to copy & paste new logos for 2014 and render it nicely. In other words: your template to be valuable must be reusable.

Mentor of this project is not a judge. Use your own imagination. The poster layout must be practical. Look at previous GCIN/GSoC logos. Take a look at their sizes (they vary). Take a look at colors (they vary too). Come up with something attractive.

Participant must be fluent in GIMP or any other FREE graphics program. She/he must be technically skilled and artistically talented.