GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2011 FreeBSD

Make FreeBSD 9 promotional video #3

completed by: Andrey Sinitsyn

mentors: Wojciech A. Koszek, PÁLI Gábor János

Description of a task

Participant will make an attractive promotional video for the FreeBSD 9 system. The video may take any form. There's only one requirement: it must be the best OS promotional video out there.

Think of as:

- OS (product) system promotion in the video form

- maybe it could be a video put in between breaks with interviews with FreeBSD developers?

- maybe you want to show boring computer programmer/system administrator lifes in an attractive form and put FreeBSD in the context of that?

Use your imagination.

Look at Honda's 'Cog' advertisement to understand what we're looking for ;-)

Video posted on YouTube is expected as a result of this task.