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Google Code-in 2011 Haiku

German localization of screenshots of the user guide (2, D-E)

completed by: ivailo_c

mentors: Humdinger

The German localization of the system is mostly finished, as is the translation of the user guide. However, the images in the user guide still show the English interface.

This task is about recreating these screenshots under a German localized interface. For that you'll go through every page of the guide and try to "reenact" the scene for every image. Of course it doesn't have to be pixel-perfect, but the screenshot should essentially show what the English original does.

You need to run a current Nightly Image of Haiku either natively (installed on harddisk or running live from a USB stick), or inside a virtual machine like VirtualBox.

Please only apply for this task after having Haiku up and running in order not to waste time for setting up the system. You'll find help on #haiku channel at

You'll be uploading your localized images directly in our online tool. You'll get an account there as soon as you start.

This task [D - E] includes these pages from the online tool:

  • DataTranslations
  • DeskCalc
  • Deskbar
  • Deskbar (preflet)
  • DiskProbe
  • DiskUsage
  • DriveSetup
  • E-mail
  • Expander