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Google Code-in 2011 Haiku

Add localization support into Textencodings kit and fix ticket #8147 (default encoding for new mail)

completed by: Alex11223

mentors: Siarhei Zharski

Your task is:

  • Setup Haiku in Virtual Machine (Virtual Box recommended) or on real hardware;
  • Download standalone project of Haiku Mail application from the link below;
  • Download standalone project of Haiku textencodings kit library from link below;
  • Take familiar with the code and problem description;
  • Use "make" command to build the Mail application and textencodings library. Resulting executable binary you'll find in 'objects-...' directories,
  • The first part of your task is adding localization support into textencodings kit.
    • Please read Locale Kit documentation and take familiar with samples of adding localization support into other modules;
    • Modify sources of textencodings kit correspondently;
    • For testing please build standalone project provided with this task;
    • Generate English catkeys using command "make catkeys". The result goes into "locales/en.catkeys";
    • Make a copy of the locales/en.catkeys for your local language (de.catkeys - for German, ru. catkeys for Russian etc.) and translate the right block of strings into your language;
    • add the 2-characters code of your local language into the LOCALES list in the makefile;
    • Use "make catalogs" to create ready to use translation catalogs;
    • Test the textencodings module functionality by replacing the system one with your version and checking Encodings pop-up menu in the Mail application;
  • The second part is to fixing issue #8147. The problem is that the default encoding for new mails is dependent from the regional settings. The idea is to use the power of Haiku locale kit to let the translator define mentioned encoding as usual translation string. You should modify the source of Mail application to support this scenario.
  • Please make a patches fro your changes and upload as result of completion this task;


Good luck!