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Google Code-in 2011 Haiku

Mail application: bring "Read/Unread" button logic in order. Tickets #4773 #4774.

completed by: Alex11223

mentors: Siarhei Zharski

Your task is:

  • Setup Haiku in Virtual Machine (Virtual Box recommended) or on real hardware;
  • Download standalone version of Haiku Mail application from the link below;
  • Take familiar with the code and both problems description;
  • Use make to build the application. Resulting executable binary you'll find in 'objects-...' directory;
  • There are some problems in displaying and handling Read/Unread button. Awaited logic is following:
    • Read button shoud be shown on e-mail with non-Read status
    • Unread button should be shown on e-mail with Read status
    • Pressing Read button shoud change e-mail status to Read
    • Pressing Unread button should change e-mail status to Seen
    • Pressing both Read and Unread buttons should move to the next e-mail;
  • Fix the #4773 - no Read/Unread buttons should be shown in new (just sreated) mails. 
Good luck!