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Slovak translation of User Guide - part 5

completed by: Marek

mentors: helix84


Translation of Haiku interface into Slovak is currently complete, but translation of the most important piece of documentation for Haiku users - Haiku User Guide - has only started. By taking this task you will help jumpstart this effort by translating a few chapters.

Before claiming this task think if you have the time and will to translate up to 10 pages of text. The time required can be extended if you have translated a significant part of the task.

You will have to use the same terminology the current Slovak translation of Haiku uses, so a working Haiku installation with the latest nightly build is required.

If you claim this task, you will need an account in the User Guide translation system. When you claim the task, you have to send an email request to


Subject: Slovak translation of User Guide - Part 5

I'd like to work on this task. Please create an account for me.

My email address:

Desired username: xyz


After your account is created I will assign you the task and you can start to work on it. You will find the translation system here:


To complete this task, translate the following pages of Haiku User Guide into Slovak: