GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2011 KDE

Amarok: Likeback statistics and report

completed by: Ljubisha Rus

mentors: Teo Mrnjavac

"Amarok uses the Likeback feedback gathering system in beta releases and git builds. Likeback is a client-server system. Its client component is a library which puts like/dislike buttons in the top right area of all the windows in an application, that allow users to send context-sensitive feedback. The server component runs on a web server hosted by the Amarok team which stores the feedback entries in a database. There's quite a lot of feedback messages, and the Amarok team hardly has the time to go through all of them. We need someone to take the database dump and analyze all the feedback gathered in the past year or so and produce a detailed report with like/dislike/feature statistics and prominent requests.
Expected results: A thorough report, maybe in a PDF document or spreadsheet, with statistics and comments.
Prerequisites: spreadsheet use, basic writing skills and lots of patience."