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Google Code-in 2011 KDE

Identify necessary changes to make non-Active apps shipped with Plasma Active touch-friendly

completed by: DragonHunter

mentors: Thomas Pfeiffer

"Currently we ship some applications with Plasma Active which were not specifically designed for touch devices (e.g. Okular for PDF viewing, Banagarang for media playback, Konsole etc.). These applications work reasonably well on a tablet, but it is still obvious they were not made for them (e.g. they still use righ-click actions, small click targets etc.). The task is be to identify (ideally including research with actual users) what exactly the "pain points" are when these applications are used on a touch device and what would be necessary to eliminate them.
Expected results: List of pain points with solutions for each non-active application shipped with Plasma Active One (six in total).
Prerequisites: Ideally a tablet computer that can run Plasma Active ( see Devices List ), otherwise a virtual machine running Plasma Active would work as well. No technical skills required."