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Google Code-in 2011 KDE

Update Russian translation of KTurtle Handbook: everything except for the Programming Reference

completed by: sagod

mentors: Alexander Potashev, Yuri Chornoivan

Complete Russian translation for KTurtle Handbook (documentation) except for the Programming Reference.

Expected results: Full translation of the following parts of KTurtle Handbook (134 messages left to translate):

  1. kturtle.po
  2. kturtle_getting-started.po
  3. kturtle_glossary.po
  4. kturtle_translator-guide.po
  5. kturtle_using-kturtle.po

The two screenshots of KTurtle (with Russian translation of its interface) equivalent to the following English screenshots should be created:

  1. mainwindow.png
  2. mainwindow_flower_nrs.png

The translation should follow the terms already used in translation of the KTurtle user interface: kturtle.po

Prerequisites: Good Russian.