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Google Code-in 2011 KDE

User Preference for Review Tools in Okular

completed by: Subhashish

mentors: A H M Mahfuzur Rahman

What to do: Currenty, okular has some default settings for review tools. It will be very convenient for users, if there are some options to change defaults. This means width of lines, colors of highlights, transparency and so on. See the bug here :

The Student needs to develop a design document which includes where should we add the configurations, how should it look like etc. Open a file and then go to Tools->Review and you can see the current review tool system. Now, think about where and how can we add user preferences. Try to create the whole scenario. You can see other softwares to get some idea and then propose the design in detail.

Expected Results: Design Submission using some design tool like Qt Designer will be nice. If the student do now want to use Designing tool, he can also use some drawing software to draw the design. A Report with some little explanation of the design is necessary in this case.

Prerequisites: A good sense of UI


Timezone: UTC+6