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Google Code-in 2011 KDE

KDE Multimedia Census

completed by: Radoslav Asparuhov

mentors: Trever Fischer

"With the recent rejuvenation of the KDE-Multimedia community, its probably a good time to step back and have a look at what exactly our community is made of. Some simple statistics would be needed, in order of importance:
  • What projects consider themselves to be part of kde-multimedia
  • The number of developers on each project, to identify projects in need of help
  • Some background history on some of the developers, so the community can get to know everyone
  • Feedback and suggestions on what "kde multimedia" really means
  • Anything else the student comes up with ;P
Expected results: Answers to the above questions, silly. At the very least, a better list of questions so that we can perform the census ourselves.
Prerequisites: People skills, basic understanding of simple statistics.
Note: coordination in #kde-multimedia and the list."