GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2011 KDE

Video ad for KDE - Emotions

completed by: Trentay

mentors: Claudio Desideri

"Use all your creativity to create an innovating short film promoting KDE. We are looking for an advertisement with new ideas that communicate the spirit behind KDE.
Must show KDE on different platforms. Creativity is very important.
Your video must convey a KDE feeling and obey to KDE quality standards.
Quality has to be at least 720p, real action, animation or stop-motion. No screen-cast, only video and no 3D animation video are allowed.
Every video, sound and image used must be GPL 3.0 or Creative Commons BY-SA. The video license will be GPL 3.0 or Creative commons BY-SA. The work will have a text file with the following information: - License - Authors - Actors - Technical staff - Score
Expected results: An ad (less than 2 minutes) promoting KDE together with the script as a handout
Prerequisites: creativity, being able to use video taking and editing software"