GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2011 KDE

Finnish translation of some Extragear_sysadmin files

completed by: skfin

mentors: Jorma Karvonen

"Translate message id strings from English into Finnish (desktop_extragear-sysadmin_libqapt.pot, 6 short messages), (plasma-runner-installer.pot, 3 short messages), (qapt-deb-installer.pot, 37 short messages), and (qapt-gst-helper.pot, 53 short messages).
Expected results: All msgid strings translated into msgstr strings. Rename desktop_extragear-sysadmin_libqapt.pot to desktop_extragear-sysadmin_libqapt.po, plasma-runner-installer.pot to plasma-runner-installer.po, qapt-deb-installer.pot to qapt-deb-installer.po, and qapt-gst-helper.pot to qapt-gst-helper.po. Edit and update the header fields at the beginning of the file.
Prerequisites: Basic English terminology and good Finnish knowledge"