GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2011 KDE

Identify KDE applications that would be useful on a mobile device and how to make them touch-friendly

completed by: Radoslav Asparuhov

mentors: Thomas Pfeiffer

"We currently only ship the subset of available KDE applications with Plasma Active which we identified as either having an interface suitable for tablets or as central elements for typical mobile use cases. The first part of the task is to look at as many KDE / Qt applications as possible and identify those which would be very useful in a mobile context. Most of these applications will probably not be working on a touch device well yet because they were created with desktops / laptops in mind, so the second part is to identify how they would need to be adapted in order to offer good touch interaction and work well on a mobile device (tablet, smartphone).
Expected results: A list of applications (at least 15) that would be useful on a mobile device along with a list of necessary changes to each application to make it "touch-friendly".
Prerequisites: Access to a comprehensive KDE software repository (available in most Linux or BSD distributions that ship KDE 4). Access to a device running Plasma Active ( see Devices List ) or a virtual machine running Plasma Active would be helpful."