GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2011 KDE

Document Kate's SQL Plugin

completed by: Ömer Faruk ORUÇ

mentors: T.C. Hollingsworth

Many of Kate's plugins are currently undocumented, so users are potentially missing out on some awesome features because they don't know how to use them. Among these plugins are ones that interface with some powerful tools used by developers to make programming easier. Kate's SQL plugin allows programmers to explore and query databases and test SQL code in them.  Your task is to write documentation for this plugin.

Expected results: A section of the plugins chapter describing the SQL plugin. It should include a basic introduction that explains how to use the plugin, a list of the menu options provided by the plugin, a description of all the elements in the plugin's user interface, and possibly screenshots. The File Templates plugin documentation is an excellent example of complete plugin documentation. You don't have to know DocBook, the XML language KDE documentation is written in; just use plain text or your favorite word processor.

Prerequisites: A good command of the English language, a working Kate installation, the ability and desire to try things out, see how they work, and explain it to others, and some knowledge of SQL and databases.  A working database server (such as MySQL or PostgreSQL) with some test data is highly recommended so that you can explore all the features of this plugin.