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Google Code-in 2011 KDE

Make Marble display old celestial maps

completed by: Gábor Péterffy

mentors: Torsten Rahn

Marble can visualize the earth as a globe or as a map. It also provides old historical world maps. But Marble can also display planets and should technically be able to also display the sky.

This task is about creating a globe from an old celestial map found here:

Celestial map from the 17th century

Please have a quick look at our instructions for creating Historical Maps for Marble:

Historical Maps tutorial

As you might quickly figure the projection used for the maps described there is different from the one used in the celestial map above.

Have a look at the tool mentioned in Step 3 and its source code. Try to find out how the source code needs to be changed so that it can reproject the old celestial map properly to equirectangular projection.

Once this is accomplished follow Steps 7-10 in this tutorial to be able to present the working old celestial globe.

Expected results: A tool that properly converts the old celestial map mentioned above. The resulting map needs be integrated with XML code so that it can be used with Marble.