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Google Code-in 2011 KDE

Research enriching KDE News content

completed by: passstab

mentors: kallecarl

"KDE has a news site at known as "The Dot". The Dot has a few regular features such as weekly reports of development activities and release announcements. Even in these situations, Dot editors depend on other people submitting stories rather than proactively seeking out KDE news of interest.
This project involves:
  • In general, enabling KDE Dot editors to proactively recruit stories of interest to the KDE Community
  • Identifying KDE newsmakers by researching blogs and other on-line channels
  • Contacting KDE newsmakers and influencers for general story ideas--topics, people, projects,
  • Making recommendations for stories, including the above and timing or frequency (for example, a story about a main KDE project every week; a profile on a key contributor monthly).

This project is intended to generate story ideas and methods for completing them; it may also involve writing story drafts if a subject seems to warrant that.
Expected results: A written list of at least ten subjects and contacts that would result in Dot stories on a continuing basis."