GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2011 KDE

ownCloud: Pdf viewer

completed by: Joan Creus

mentors: Bartek Przybylski

Integrate pdf.js as PDF viewer – (optionally also a "Documents" app where all PDF files are shown)

Outcome: PDF previews in the file manager, very very useful.

More info:

Basic scenario is to create default behavior for pdf filetype. This should trigger displaying of chosen pdf file (as a overlay layer).
Following tasks should be fulfilled:
* remembering last opened page
* create focus arena (make background gray) 

Ideal scenario is to create entire book app with features:
* shelf display (ie: (nice to have)
* bookmarks (must have)
* book fragments sharing  (nice to have, might be hard)
* in book search (nice to have, might be very hard)

for last two features i'm willing to extend deadline for 3 days, for shelf display i'm willing to extend deadline for 8hrs 


IRC: #owncloud on freenode (nick: aqu)
Mailing List: owncloud at
Mentor: Bartek Przybylski