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Google Code-in 2011 KDE

Build Gluon on Mac OSX (2nd part)

completed by: Oana Stratulat

mentors: Laszlo Papp

Gluon build has already been tested and done on Mac during a previous Google Code-In task as a first part [1]. As a next step, it would be nice to get the Gluon Creator and the Gluon Desktop Player work and tested. It might need some minor fixes. No major issues expected. You may need some additional dependencies to get built beforehand, like Qt and so on, but the team will help you with that.

If you can drop by "#gluon" on IRC and ping me ("djszapi") there, that helps a lot. with the task. Hope you can do that. :)

Prerequisites: Having a Mac computer.

[1] Build Gluon on Mac OSX :