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Google Code-in 2011 KDE

A Documentation on Okular Text Selection

completed by: Sinus

mentors: A H M Mahfuzur Rahman

What to do: A Laout Recogition system for text selection has been added in okular recently. The task is to make a nice developer documentation about how the system works so that new developers can understand the concept easily.

There is a good document about how to implement a generator at: . It might be a reference example on how to write a document for okular.

The Student should study the two methods correctTextOrder() and textArea ( TextSelection * sel) from textpage.cpp. There are necessary comments added in the code to understand. For a very thorough understanding of how the text selection system works, the student is referred to:

Expected results: A good documentation to be included in kdegraphics api of okular.

Prerequisites: Good English skills, Some knowledge of okular is a plus.

Timezone: UTC+6