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Google Code-in 2011 KDE

Update the Amarok manual to the latest version

completed by: ViktorC

mentors: Myriam Schweingruber, Valorie Zimmerman

The current Amarok Manual refers to version 2.4.0 which is already rather old. The task is to check for each entry if the text and screen shots still apply to the current stable 2.5.0 version of Amarok and adapt if necessary.

Expected results: have an up-to-date Manual in Userbase.

Prerequisites: English language, some basic HTML knowledge and basic Mediawiki knowledge.

Please ping Mamarok or valorie in #rokymotion if you claim the task

Mamarok's timezone is UTC+1

valorie's timezone is PST = UTC-8

Amarok 2.5 is due for release around the 6th of december, but there will not be many changes until then in terms of functionality, nor in terms of appearance. For the screenshots please have a look at for the requirements. Those should not be bigger than 500 px. See also for more wiki help as well as the markup requirements here: