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Google Code-in 2011 KDE

Document the standard KDE spelling features

completed by: Salma Sultana

mentors: T.C. Hollingsworth

Sonnet is a tool used by many KDE applications to provide spell checking features.  Your task is to write a chapter for a future "building blocks" documentation encompassing features shared by many KDE applications.  Sonnet already has a little bit of documentation of its own [HTML | DocBook source], and its user interface is described in individual programs like Kate [HTML | DocBook source].  You should use this existing documentation and expand upon it to write a complete chapter that can be used by many different KDE applications.

Expected Results:  a chapter of documentation describing the complete user interface of Sonnet, including any menu entries, keyboard shortcuts, toolbar icons, and configuration, as well as screenshots

Prerequisites:  a good command of the English langauge and a working installation of the KDE Software Compilation