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Create a Köppen(-Geiger) climate zone map for Marble for classroom use

completed by: Mohammed Nafees

mentors: Torsten Rahn

Marble can display different kinds of maps. This task is about creating a more sophisticated map that displays the world's climate zones according to Köppen. Have a look at Wikipedia's article about climate zones to become familiar with this topic:

In order to create the map have a look at the existing "Natural Earth III" map:

Unzip it and open the dgml file as well as the files referenced in there.

You can get a few explanations inside this file:

or have a look at our tutorial on how to create Historical Maps:

Once you feel familiar with the topic you can start to work on the climate zone map: You can take the "Natural Earth"'s dgml file as a template and replace the names ("Climate Zones (Köppen)") and ids ("climatekoppen" . The title of the map should be "Climate Zones (Köppen)". Use the following SVG for the actual map:

Render the SVG at a high resolution (at least 5400x2700 pixels).

Also add a legend to the map which displays the legend entries for the different climate zones displayed on the Url above.

Also add a link to the legend which points to the Wikipedia article about climate zones and Köppen climate zones.

Also add a nice preview icon in the very same style that is used for the other maps.

The second part of this task is about finding a nice way to add the "full" Köppen map:

This could either be done as a separate second Marble map theme. Or the map could be added as a second layer. Have a look at the "Hike and Bike" map and its Hillshading/Night layers: It provides some nice checkboxes in the legend to enable and disable other layers. This can be accomplished via the dgml file. You can have a look at the dgml file and its layer declaration inside this file:

In our task we'd have two layers. The one that shows the simplified Köppen climate zones. And a second one on top which shows the full Köppen-Geiger climate zones. By default the advanced one is hidden. Clicking a checkbox inside the legend would enable the advanced map (and would cover the simplified one). It's important that both maps/layers have the colors of the zones fully explained in the map's legend/map key. Additionally there should be a link inside the legend.html to this wikibook entry:

You need to find out whether it's better to have both maps in the same map theme or you need to deliver two separate map themes as a result.

Expected results: A nice advanced Köppen Climate Zone map for Marble that is ready for uploading to our KDE GHNS server.