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Google Code-in 2011 KDE

Translate KDE Booklet into German

completed by: Benedikt Beckermann

mentors: Felix Michel

The KDE Booklet provides KDE the possiblity to get more attention and serves as a promotional means.The booklet is aimed at a non-technical audience that does not yet know what KDE is.

By now, the booklet is written in English and the layout is adapted to the English version. The translation into German would have to fit the layout. There is already a draft version of the German translation available which could serve as a basis for the final version. It is important that the German text length corresponds more or less to the English text length. The translation should be written in fluent and attractive German matching the purpose of this booklet.

For this task a native German speaker is needed. The German draft and the English version of the booklet can be found here: