GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2011 KDE

Add a new weather service to Marble

completed by: kharvd

mentors: Earthwings, Torsten Rahn

Marble has a weather plugin to show weather stations on the map. 
Currently two services are implemented, a "Fake" service and another one
for Your task is to add another service which uses [1].

Checkout Marble and compile and install it (see
Study the code of the existing weather plugin (in src/plugins/render/weather)
Add another weather service for the one similar to the existing
one for BBC. Note that there are other Marble plugins that already use
other geonames services (e.g. earthquakes). Having a look at them might be
helpful and save you some time
You can get help via IRC in #marble in Freenode or using the mailing list (and also ask here, of course)