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Google Code-in 2011 KDE

Partial Russian translation of Kile interface

completed by: Max Vorob'jov

mentors: Alexander Potashev, Yuri Chornoivan

Partial Russian translation for Kile interface

Expected results: In the file kile.po, translate all untranslated and fuzzy (incomplete) messages between #268 ("Add an entry to this combo box") and #715 ("Saving failed and quitting canceled.") into Russian. A lot of the messages in this range are already translated, therefore the number of messages left to translate is much less than 450. The translation should follow the guidelines of Russian KDE translation. There should be no typos in it (see the References on how to check).

Prerequisites: Basic English terminology, good Russian.



Additional instructions: Please compress the translation into .tar.gz (or zip ) and attach the archive to this task to complete it.