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Google Code-in 2011 LimeSurvey

Research: Create a report on the "Limesurvey user feedback on templates and GUI design survey"

completed by: Hannah

mentors: Marcel Minke, Carsten Schmitz (c_schmitz)

From time to time Limesurvey runs some surveys itself, we simply use those surveys to find out more about our users. The resulting data tells us a lot about the areas where we have to improve the program and makes it easier to prioritize tasks.
One of these surveys includes comments about how we can improve the GUI. There will be lots of text comments so we need to sum them up in a report.

Task Steps:

  • Wait until someone has completed the "Research: Limesurvey user feedback on templates and GUI design" task. There should be at least ~50 responses to that survey
  • Export the survey results and check the text comments.
  • There will be several similar comments like "the icons suck". Sum them up and create a list about what is top priority.
  • Create a report which should also include the closed questions and write a short summary text (~ 20 sentences)
  • Discuss the finding with your mentor and eventually overwork the report.