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Google Code-in 2011 LimeSurvey

Training: Create a "How to design a good survey" tutorial

completed by: Matīss Baldonis

mentors: Marcel Minke

Our manual describes all available features in detail but we don't have instructions on how to create a good survey yet, e.g. users might have huge matrix question which are all mandatory at their survey, that's a no go. Your task is to find out about some basics of survey design by asking google and asking our experienced users at the forum and then collect that data and structure it so we can have a list of issues one should take care of when designing a survey.

Task Steps:

  • Create a new forum topic explaining your task and asking for user feedback. Ask your mentor to also link this post at[IMAGE] and to twitter about it.
  • Ask Google about the important issues when creating an online survey
  • Sum up all information and create a structured document which deals with different parts to take care of.
  • Discuss the work with your mentor
  • Port all the details to a new wiki page
  • Add the wiki page at a new tipps & tricks section of our wiki