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Google Code-in 2011 LimeSurvey

Re-factoring database calls into models (Question Group Controller): CodeIgniter branch

completed by: Gaurav Narula

mentors: Shubham Sachdeva, Diogo Gonçalves (dionet)

This year LimeSurvey got ported to the CodeIgniter framework. As CodeIgniter is based on MVC architecture, all database calls should be in served via models and "Active Records" should be used everywhere. This task aim for searching through the
Question Group Controller and moving all database calls to models. (i.e. making new functions in models to serve the purpose and call it in controller instead of using db_execute_assoc()!).

Task Steps:

  • Download LimeSurvey's CodeIgniter branch
  • Read the Documentation
  • Find outdated database calls in Question Group Controller (db_execute_assoc()).
  • Identify which calls have equivalent methods in models.
  • Port these calls using the existing models.
  • Create or extend the models for the remaining calls.
  • Port the remaining calls using the new models.
  • Discuss the patch with your mentor and ask for feedback.
  • Check-in your changes into the LimeSurvey svn trunk.
  • Done!