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Google Code-in 2011 LimeSurvey

Code: Implement Google map at admin statistics

completed by: Licker Nandor

mentors: Carsten Schmitz (c_schmitz)

Limesurvey offers a "Map" question type which can be used to let the user mark a certain location. The results are stored as lat./long. coordinates at a simply text question. Currently the admin statistics only show the raw coordinates. To improve this, a Google Map should be included at the admin statistics, showing the users' answers at that overview.

Task Steps:

  • Install LimeSurvey - create a small survey with a map question and add some dummy data.
  • Have a look at the admin statistics of that question.
  • Implement the code to embedd a Map and mark the users' answers in there and create a patch
  • Discuss the patch with your mentor and ask for feedback.
  • Check-in your changes into the limesurvey svn trunk.
  • Done!